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Lemonade box from Pomm's factory in Tredegar Terrace in Mile End.


Pomm's soft drinks factory was renowned in the East End of London during the 1950's.

Family Tree

Genealogy of my father's family Pomeransky and my mother's family Fromovitch

If anyone has any further information on my family tree, I'd be delighted to hear from you. Pomeransky family tree.

Severchurski family tree.

Goldman family tree.

Fromovitch family tree (although there is a rumour that this was an artificial name given to my great grandparents when they arrived in the East End as immigrants from Poland)




The mother of Jane Goldman my paternal grandmother was Eva Goldman who died 18th January 1937. Her mother was called Rose Silbert. Her brother was Hyman Silbert who died 23rd August 1959. Eva Goldman's children were: David Goldman, Samual Goldman, Hyman Goldman, Jane Pomm (my grandmother)Leah Sugar, Pearl Wald, Rachael Lewis (later Mrs. Benjamin). Pearl Wald died 24th August 1942. Pearl had one child, Gerald Wald born on 5th June 1942. Rachel Benjamin died on 12th October 1944, she had two children, Sheila Lewis and Eileen Lewis (who became Mrs. Ryan).


Fromovitch family tree Louis my maternal grandfather's mother was Lisbeth Dantowitz (re: will letters sent to her by solicitor of Jakob Dantowitz who lived in Ortelsburg Germany. Ortelsburg is now called Szczytno and is in Poland).


Nasha Severchurski was my maternal grandmother . She died on 3rd December 1952.

Her father was Phillip Severchursky and he married Polly.  They were known as 'Phillips'.

Their children were Harry (he married Nellie) and they had 8 children, one of whom was the famous East End boxer 'The Aldgate Tiger' Alex Phillips.Sarah (she married Benjamin) they had Minnie, Mabel, Frances and Moisha. and my grandmother Nellie (she married Louis Fromovitch and they had 5 daughters, Marie, Frances (my mother), Mildred, Ada and Irene.



Evelyn married Morris Fromovitch (believed to have once been something like 'Johnlake) They had 3 children, my grandfather Louis, Mary and Fanny (who died shortly after giving birth to her child Irene. Her other child Hymie was killed in the sceond World War).


Louis Fromovitch m Nasha Severchurski he died in 1957.  


Isadore Pomeransky my paternal grandfather had a brother David and sister Hilda.  He m Jane Goldman.  They had two sons, Montague Arthur, and Cyril (my father). (Montague emergrated to Canada then the U.S, had two children Laureen and Raymond). Cyril Pomeransky d.o.b 19.3.1927 married 25th May 1952 Frances Frome (Fromovitch) d.o.b 13.3.1927. Elaine Pomm (Pomeransky) d.o.b 8.1.1955 Elaine had Autumn Dawn O'Brien d.o.b 22.12.1980



The mother of my maternal grandfather Louis, was Evelyn Dantewitz.  
Al Phillips, my mother's famous boxer cousin was the son of Harry.  Harry had 9 children, Jackie, Raymond, Morris, Leslie, Bessie, Frieda (two others).  My mother thinks two of these were twins.

My father Cyril Pomm


My father (cheeky looking one in the front), his mother Jane, father Ike, brother Monty


Paternal grandparents, Jane (Ginny) nee Goldman, and Isadore (Ike) Pomm


Father at school (back row)


My mother and her sisters


Maternal grandmother Nasha Fromervitch (Nelly) nee Severchursky/i  and two of her 5 daughters.


Maternal grandfather Louis Fromervitch's parents



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